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2021 Thriving Tips

Cheers to the New Year! It’s the end of the first month of the new year and the beginning of the next. Happy New Year to all our Perfect Blue Alchemy family, both old members and new! This year has already started with a bang. From the storm on the U.S. Capitol to the inauguration of a new president and everything else in between, the first month of 2021 has already been filled with emotional rollercoasters but with the start of a new year there is a reset of hope, joy, and goals to conquer. Though we can’t expect to know everything that will come our way this year, here are a few ways we have come up with for...

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A Change of the Seasons

By Kim Joseph Seasonal depression is REAL, especially this year while the world has turned upside down on its axis and everything seems to be in the box check-marked “uncertain.” With flu season is upon us and as Covid threatens us with another round, the looming sentiment of worry fills the air. The one thing that is for sure though is that with the change of the seasons, the familiar spicy, sweet smell of cinnamon, apple, ginger, cider, and the other warm sensational delicacies that point toward Fall is the very thing that anchors us back to comfort. One cozy item that you are going to want to add to your arsenal this season is our Autumn Home Spice, our...

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Men Need Self-Care Too!

By Kim Joseph Although mental health is a topic that is more openly discussed these days andseeing a therapist is not so taboo anymore, there is still a lingering stigma thatsome men hold onto that they feel like they need to handle things “like a man” and keep their feelings and stress bottled up. Although it is a general term, self-care is one that many of us use to encompass meeting our needs to protect our peace, energy and essentially our ever-loving minds. There are many events (ones that are socially distanced or via Zoom calls these days), forums, businesses and platforms that are dedicated to focusing on self-care for women and women celebrating women in those spaces of self-care with...

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