Perfect Blue Alchemy is handcrafted organic, vegan and natural perfumes, body products and home items made from organic essential oils and organic plant oils. We are woman and minority owned, founded in 2015.

We found that one of the most difficult items for women on their wellness journey away from toxic, damaging products was perfume and from this need and my own personal need, Perfect Blue Alchemy was born.

In fact, the very last personal care item I replaced was my perfume and I did so with my own creation. It was very easy to replace lotions, creams, body wash, facial care items, even deodorant and toothpaste, but finding a great smelling, non-alcohol based perfume that would last all day and was actually beneficial to my body was impossible.

My first formulations that would become Perfect Blue Alchemy were created while I was on winter break from school studying to be a biochemist and recovering from fibroid removal surgery. I was diagnosed with fibroids at 26 and by the end of 2014 when I had my surgery I had successfully replaced all of my products except perfume as part of my protocol to shrink my fibroids

(I actually succeeded in shrinking them by more than half prior to my surgery through changes in diet, exercise, supplementation and moving to nontoxic natural products).

From our signature fragrances that also have therapeutic whole body benefits, we branched out into skincare, haircare and home items and grew our Perfect Blue Alchemy family.

Come grow with us with love!