Men Need Self-Care Too!

Men Need Self-Care Too!

By Kim Joseph

Although mental health is a topic that is more openly discussed these days and
seeing a therapist is not so taboo anymore, there is still a lingering stigma that
some men hold onto that they feel like they need to handle things “like a man” and keep their feelings and stress bottled up. Although it is a general term, self-care is one that many of us use to encompass meeting our needs to protect our peace, energy and essentially our ever-loving minds.

There are many events (ones that are socially distanced or via Zoom calls these days), forums, businesses and platforms that are dedicated to focusing on self-care for women and women celebrating women in those spaces of self-care with hashtags like #womenempowerment which are very much needed and celebrated, but what about the men? They too experience burnout, feelings of inadequacy, pressure from left and right, and need pampering and taking time to put themselves first. 

Men also need to feel like the kings they are in the same way we hold space for women to recognize who they are as queens. Self-care isn’t just rose petal baths and facials but it comprises of working on something positive for your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being and development. Oftentimes, if we do see men making self-care a priority, it is usually tied to something ambitious or competitive like fitness and diet. In the physical aspect of self-care working out and maintaining a balanced diet are imperative but men should have no shame in knowing that it is not “girly” to take care of their hygiene and that it is a part of their self-care also.

When you take time to do something as regimented as caring for your hygiene it can also improve your mental health because after all the expression, “When you look good, you feel good,” originated from that very concept. The two are interchangeable. So, this question goes out to the men; if you have not given much thought into your self-care, why not start by spending a little more time on you? Our body wash is making a comeback that you do not want to miss out on! Handmade with all-natural ingredients that not only smell good but enhance the quality of your skin’s appearance and texture. Fit for the king and
queen that you are!

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