Tips & Encouragement for These Trying Times

We know that you want to protect yourself and your loved ones, just like us. Everything that is going on in the world right now, especially the Coronavirus, certainly seems scary. But we implore you to not be fearful or worried. Arm yourself with information and an extra dose of vigilance and you will be fine. We know this can be tough with schools closing, events and sports being cancelled, and travel being restricted. You can protect yourself easily and naturally by doing the same things you would do if you were trying to avoid a cold.

Tips to Protect Yourself

Boost. Boost your immune system with a healthy diet, exercise, and stress management - this is the time for self care and saying NO!

Consider. Consider adding in some healthy supplements or keep them on hand - think oil of oregano, zinc, vitamin C, black seed oil - all of these are great

Isolate. Stay at home. Do not go out unless absolutely necessary and practice social distancing and good practices if you do go out.

Disinfect. Disinfect surfaces, clothing and bedding in your home

Wash. Wash your hands often!

Do. Do your best not to open public doors with your hands

Focus. Focus on SELF CARE - not worries and fears

Consider that a time of more limited contact is a win as you turn your focus inward on your goals, dreams and growth. This is the time to step back and read more, eat better, nurture your mind, body and soul and focus on compassion and kindness - both for yourself and for others.
As always, thank you for supporting us and we enjoy serving you! 

Sanitize. Sanitize yourself and your space naturally. We want to provide you with words AND action. Currently hand sanitizers, masks, even toilet paper is sold out in many places. For those of us committed to a natural product lifestyle, being able to quickly sanitize is a concern. Did you know that traditional hand sanitizers, while yes they kill germs, can also dry the skin of the hands to such a degree that micro cuts form, actually increasing your risk?

Here is an alternative - something that we have used personally for years and wanted to share. You can sanitize your hands, your clothes, your bedding, even the air around you with a quick spritz.

The formulation is an interesting story and tried and true.

At the end of March, there is no way we can even think of leaving home other than to get food.
We can't leave home without these items.

But it's not just about sanitizing our hands. We have to sanitize for every interaction. Check out the video below for some examples.

Our phones carry so many germs.

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