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Resonate Perfume Body & Room Spray MINI

Resonate Perfume Body & Room Spray MINI

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Natural perfume that actually lasts. Resonate Perfume Body & Room Spray is great as a perfume but also wonderful for scenting clothing, sheets and towels and freshening a room or any enclosed space needing to be transformed. This one hits different - it's formulated with a palo santo base to clear out any negative energy and usher in all that is positive and foster growth. It is effective immediately and perfect for when burning a palo santo stick isn't available or appropriate.

Resonate MINI is perfect for spaces where incense or palo santo sticks cannot be burned (think in the car, in the office) while being small enough at 0.30 fl oz to throw in your purse, laptop bag, even pocket!

mysterious, complex, and inviting 

use both as a perfume and to clear energy for yourself & your space

Palo Santo essential oil

Melissa essential oil

Frankincense essential oil

Palmarosa essential oil

Orange essential oil

Size: 0.30 fl oz/10 ml

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