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Perfect Blue Alchemy

Resonate Energy Clearing Bundle

Resonate Energy Clearing Bundle

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This one hits different!

Boost your mood and your energy in any space. For those of us who smudge and/or burn palo santo, we know that we can't do that any and everywhere we might want to. Enter in our Resonate collection that CAN be used any and everywhere to clear out stagnant energy and uplift - formulated with a palo santo base to usher in all that is positive and foster growth. It is effective immediately and perfect for when burning a palo santo stick isn't available or appropriate.

This bundle contains a 1 oz Resonate Perfume Body & Room Spray - great as a perfume but also wonderful for scenting clothing, sheets and towels and freshening a room or any enclosed space needing to be transformed and a 0.17 ml Resonate diffuser blend.

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