It's Time to Upgrade Your Shower

It's Time to Upgrade Your Shower

And no this won't cost you thousands of dollars - this is an upgrade not a renovation.

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If there's one thing going through a pandemic taught us it's that we needed to take stock and look at our lives and how we do things. It's true that routines make up the foundation of our lives. And with so many people work-at-home, newly minted small business owners and side-hustlin', what we choose to do to care for ourselves is of the utmost importance.

While working from home is great for many, what has been also seen is that people's productivity has shot way up. While that's a good thing, it also shows its underbelly - that more people are struggling with that "work/done working" boundary.

Being at home makes it so much easier to work from pretty much the moment you open your eyes to the moment you go to sleep every day. If we are choosing to work harder AND smarter then our self-care has to match. 

So many think of self care as extravagant. Massages at beautiful spas, expensive workout classes, perfectly paired organic food deliveries - and while yes all of that is self care, we need to start by looking at our daily routines.
An easy place to start is our showers, something we do daily (hopefully and respectfully). 
When we look at our showers as more than just something necessary to tick off every day and consider them as essential daily self care, things begin to change. Your daily shower is much more than just your daily cleaning. Especially when you are home much more. Something so simple and mundane can be transformative for your self care and really improve your mental, physical and even spiritual health and growth. And the best part is, this daily linchpin of our lives can be upgraded easily, inexpensively (there's great options at every price point) and quickly. So let's upgrade your shower experience!
1. First evaluate your routine
Have you had to cut corners on what you do because of work commitments, last minute early meetings, etc? When you have to cut something short that you know you have to do, that can sometimes kick off negative self talk and feelings.
Consider your current routine and create 3 versions, the first is your absolute ideal - you have all the time you need with no distractions and interruptions, second the routine where you are absolutely pressed for time which would be a way paired down version of #1 and then finally the routine that best encompasses everything you need to do on a normal day. That way you are still hitting the targets you have set for yourself while building in the flexibility needed to adapt quickly to life's demands.
2. Hang eucalyptus in your shower
This is one of the big and easy moves to make your shower your own personal spa. You can pickup bundles of fresh eucalyptus online and even from some grocery stores such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. When you bring your bundle home, make sure you fluff it and press it gently - this will release its natural fragrance. You can also add 1-3 drops of pure eucalyptus essential oil to a few leaves to enhance the fragrance. You can even add lavender essential oil or another kind. And you know we have all of these available for you. 
Get a shower caddy you love that best organizes all your things
3. Upgrade your showerhead
For those of us in apartments especially, don't feel like you can't invest in and change your showerhead. Just make sure you replace it back to the original when you move out. There are some great showerheads out there with multiple settings and massagers starting as low as $30. Installation is pretty easy and you can make a massive change within the same day. 
4. Improve your Shower's Cleanliness
Spray your shower down after each one with after-shower spray or cleaner to keep your shower cleaner between cleanings and also reduce the amount of time to clean it. Commit to a schedule for a thorough cleaning so you always can look forward to when it's done. 
5. Get a shower caddy you love that best organizes all your things.
If an over- the-shower caddy works is your look, find one that works best for you. There are also ones that can hang from a rack, such as if you have a built-in towel rack in your shower and others that can attach to your wall and tile. Feel free to express your taste in its choice. 
6. Upgrade your storage for your daily items on your bathroom counter, drawers, etc for easy grab and great organization that makes your bathroom feel cleaner, lighter, and nicer. 
7. Get a waterproof bluetooth shower speaker.
Uplift yourself in the shower with a gospel session, a podcast, and/or music you love the most. And sing while you are in there.
8. Switch up your body wash of soap often.
Get into the scents and the moods they create and start picking based on what you want to feel for the day or night. That's where we come in - we've got a different organic and vegan soap for you for every mood and every day of the week. Click here to check them out!
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