How to Beat the Work Week Slump

How to Beat the Work Week Slump

By Kim Joseph

By a show of hands, how many of you have went back to work in the office? (Don’t worry, we’ll wait) Many of you pivoted and adjusted from working in an office all day long to setting up a working space in your home. Now that most of the world has opened up, your job has too, and you find yourself having to get re-adjusted to that environment once again. Here are some great solutions to tackling the workday slump and winning the week with our highlight product of the week (and don’t worry, this helps if you are still working from home too): Resonate.

Ways Resonate can help to de-stress you during the workday and week

Apply Resonate on the insides of your wrist and also give your temples a rub to help beat headaches, that mid-day slump and to stay focused.

Spray your office chair and around your workspace to invite in positive energy and help reduce tension.

Diffuse Resonate in your office to feel refreshed and recharged throughout the day.

Resonate is complexed with palo santo, melissa (aka lemon balm), frankincense, palmarosa and orange. This is done by design for stress and tension relief. Melissa is used therapeutically in many different applications to ease anxiety and promote positive mood. Palmarosa and orange help to increase energy and mental focus. Frankincense is a restoring calmative and palo santo is used in many different ways to increase spiritual connection and peace. We can all benefit from it!

Leave us a comment and let us know how you will incorporate Resonate into your daily work routine.

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