How Is Your Summer Going?

How Is Your Summer Going?

By Kim Joseph

How is your summer going?

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Last Summer the heavy weight of uncertainty shattered plans for the Summer and kept us inside while news channels flooded the air waves about the rising death tolls and cases of COVID-19. Masks were a hot commodity and hand sanitizer was a consistent item on the grocery store list.  As though dealing with COVID-19 and the affects of the virus itself weren’t enough, the ripple effect it had created long-lasting results. 

At the height of Covid-19, many were left jobless and without resources. I’m sure you remember how difficult it was to even acquire masks and hand sanitizer on a regular basis. Things became even more complicated when the FDA recalled at least 75 brands of hand sanitizer across the U.S. for containing methanol, wood alcohol and other harmful substances. If absorbed, these substances can cause serious injuries or even death. The demand for reliable hand sanitizer was massive and as an intentional self-care and wellness brand, Perfect Blue Alchemy rose to the occasion; we knew the assignment and delivered a new quality sanitizer that not only disinfects your hands but your phone, surfaces, car keys, doorknobs, car steering wheel, and all the riff raff in your life...

So now this Summer, establishments have opened their doors back up, folks are outside and mandates have been lifted but masks are still here to stay in some places. As temperatures outside continue to rise, mosquitoes—the one thing I’m sure we all didn’t miss last Summer—is back to invading our outdoor spaces.

Though many things have changed between last Summer and this one, there are some things that remain the same - we’ve got the perfect essentials for all your Summer time vibes. Check out our short list with a wide range of benefits that need to be a part of your skincare arsenal that will elevate your hot girl and hot boy Summer. 

Perfect Blue Alchemy After Shower Body Glow -

Glow from the inside out daily with our new After Shower Body Glows - the perfect after shower nourishing body oil that lasts all day. Formulated to pair with our fragrances or great on their own to keep you moisturized, soft and smelling wonderful and fresh all day long. We’ve got two for you to keep your mood and skin at their best all summer.

Perfect Blue Alchemy Eradicate Bug Spray - Keep Bugs Away Naturally!

Eradicate Therapeutic Blend is made to repel mosquitos and other flying insects that can be a nuisance. Traditional insect repellants don't smell good, are filled with harsh chemicals that can accumulate in the body and can be irritating to skin and more. Here's the natural bug spray you need to keep them away and smell fresh at the same time. You can even spray the air around you to block them away.

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