A Change of the Seasons

A Change of the Seasons

By Kim Joseph

Seasonal depression is REAL, especially this year while the world has turned upside down on its axis and everything seems to be in the box check-marked “uncertain.” With flu season is upon us and as Covid threatens us with another round, the looming sentiment of worry fills the air. The one thing that is for sure though is that with the change of the seasons, the familiar spicy, sweet smell of cinnamon, apple, ginger, cider, and the other warm sensational delicacies that point toward Fall is the very thing that anchors us back to comfort.

One cozy item that you are going to want to add to your arsenal this season is our Autumn Home Spice, our fragrance that offers the best of the season’s delicious scents. It is the ideal fragrance for settling into the Fall mood and feeing uplifted and positive through the season. This pure essential oil blend can be oil burned, used in a diffuser to fill your space with its toasty aroma, and used to scent towels, sheets, and blankets for an extra dose of warm sensations for the season.

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