5 Reasons Why Men Should Invest in Skincare

5 Reasons Why Men Should Invest in Skincare

 By Kim Joseph

Featured in the photo: @blackbeertravelers - doesn't he have beautiful skin?

Long gone are the days when men should only use a bar of soap to cleanse and nourish their skin and face and get away with having baby smooth, clear skin forever. That may have worked during their teen years and early adulthood, but as a man gets older his skin does too and his skincare routine should evolve and improve. Not sure why this matters? Here are 5 reasons why men should invest in their skincare:


  1. Diet & Nutrition - It's no surprise that there are so many preservatives, chemicals,  and added "secret" ingredients in our food and drinks today. These ingredients effect our mood, health, hormones and definitely the way our body feels on the inside which shows up on our skin on the outside in the form of acne, blemishes, eczema, psoriasis, and more. Drinking water & incorporating leafy greens and plant-based foods in your diet is a positive step to the overall health and appearance of your skin.
  2. Men! You no longer have to steal your lady's fancy (and sometimes expensive) female-targeted oils and butters. There are now more accessible skin and selfcare products just for men that target your skin's health, moisture, and improves your mood in an all-natural way such as our PBA men's line (Remember, it's good to get away from those chemicals and secret ingredients we mentioned in #1) .
  3. Ingrown hairs from shaving which causes inflammation, irritation, blemishes and skin bumps. Alleviate those issues while preserving the appearance and health of your skin by using our Body & Beard Elixir
  4. A man should have a healthy skin care routine as well as hygiene routine - this makes you more attractive and when you invest in yourself, you can't help but feel good.
  5. Men have testosterone and different facial skin than women. Their skin is thicker with smaller pores so they need a product that will penetrate easily.  Luckily for YOU, all of our skin and self care products are  unisex but our men's line is a great way for a man to begin taking steps to investing in himself and his skincare. All of our skin and selfcare products provide the nourishment your skin needs. Either way, it's a win-win.
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