2021 Thriving Tips

2021 Thriving Tips

Cheers to the New Year!

It’s the end of the first month of the new year and the beginning of the next. Happy New Year to all our Perfect Blue Alchemy family, both old members and new! This year has already started with a bang. From the storm on the U.S. Capitol to the inauguration of a new president and everything else in between, the first month of 2021 has already been filled with emotional rollercoasters but with the start of a new year there is a reset of hope, joy, and goals to conquer. Though we can’t expect to know everything that will come our way this year, here are a few ways we have come up with for you to prioritize your self-care so you can stay ready so you don’t have to get ready:

Check on yourself as much as you check Instagram

Running on autopilot is a sure way to eventually crash and burn. It’s okay to be driven and take on all the things that your plate will allow, but remember to check in with yourself by making sure you are content with how you show up every day and handle all the demands life brings. Whether that means journaling your thoughts, prayer, or meditation; check in on yourself.

 Set your intentions and your boundaries

Get some clarity about what you want in any area of your life and a plan of action. Writing your plan out on paper, daily words of affirmation and creating a vision board are some great ways to set your intentions and manifest what you desire. On the flip side, also be aware of what you don’t want and will not allow. Remember, the word “No,” is a full sentence.

 Learn something new

This is not only reserved for students in a classroom. There is always something new to learn and discover about ourselves, others, and life. Challenge yourself by learning a new skill or studying a new topic. You never know where both can take you.

 Pick up a hobby, or two

A hobby is a great way to give yourself a sense of purpose that isn’t tied to making money. Life is not just about working and paying bills. Hobbies allow yourself to unwind while remaining mentally productive and it can lower the risk of depression and anxiety.

 Do something for someone else

2020 was a difficult year and a lot of us had to pivot and reimagine our lives in ways that we weren’t prepared for. It’s easy to succumb to our own circumstances and constantly dwell on what is going on in our own lives, but research has shown that doing something kind for someone else can actually make us happier.

 Do More Things That Make You Forget to Check Your Phone

Put your phone down and be present. In the moment. Right now. Spend more time with your family, friends, or yourself and seek to create new memories and intentionally cherish every moment even more.

 Invest in your Health

This is probably the tip that sums up the whole of 2020 and resonates as we continue to embark on this new year. Visit your doctor, stick to your fitness and healthy lifestyle regimen, get some sunlight, stretch your body, and drink water. Remember, investing in your health does not have to be a vigorous task, even baby steps are steps that are moving you into the right direction. And remember, don’t take life or yourself TOO seriously. Laughter is sometimes the best medicine.

 What are some habits that you have incorporated into your lifestyle to ensure your self-care is taken care of? Though we may not have you covered in all areas, we got you covered in the skin and body self-care box. Don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite products such as Body Butter and Calming Facial Serum to save money and make sure you never run out… Your skin will thank you later!

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This can be repeated or updated for January 2022! Good words! Good reminders!

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