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The Resonate Essential Kit is everything you need to uplift your mood and energy and perform smoke-less smudging of yourself and your space. When you clean your home, you definitely also want to clean the air and the energy too! Many choose to use Palo Santo for its clearing but also uplifting and positive effects. We make it easy with Resonate – energy clearing that you can use anywhere in your home (and on yourself!) to bring in fresh new possibilities. Resonate brings together Palo Santo, Palmarosa, Melissa, Frankincense, Orange and Fir essential oils to powerfully cleanse and restore, all while being delicious and inviting.


The kit contains 1 1 oz Resonate Energy Clearing Spray for Room and Body and a 1 0.17 ml Resonate pure essential oil blend for diffuser, oil burner, self-use or adding a few drops to clothing and bedding.

Resonate Essential Kit

$48.00 Regular Price
$38.40Sale Price