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Essential oils and I have a long history. When I was a child, my grandfather would give us peppermint oil with sugar for stomachaches or he would rub eucalyptus oil on our backs and necks to cure the symptoms of our colds. As an adult, I was reintroduced to essential oils when I was given a bottle of Thieves oil a few years ago during a particularly bad cold and flu season. I used it constantly to ward off germs but also found myself dabbing some on in the morning before work in lieu of my expensive perfumes. I was and still am a "scent junkie".  Years ago, I had such an extensive collection; I could wear a different fragrance every day of the week for two weeks without wearing the same one. Using Thieves oil led me to start reading everything I could get my hands on about essential oils and their therapeutics and I absorbed all the knowledge I could. 


In that duration, I made a major life change and chose to go back to school to become a biological scientist and that transition led me to a profound pursuit of holistic medicine and natural ways to take care of my body. Over time, I stopped wearing my expensive commercial perfumes, and then delved into the science that supported my intuition. Commercial perfumes are chock full of chemicals that are toxic, causing endocrine disruption and lymph irritation, among other things. This transition also included changes to my diet, my skin and hygiene regimen and an overall lifestyle change. However, I still found myself lacking the complex and exotic scents that I so adore. 


Desire is truly the mother of invention. I took my extensive knowledge of essential oils and together, my sister and I created Perfect Blue Alchemy, a line of essential oil blends specifically made to be worn as perfume. The blends are complex, delicious scents captured into roll-on sprays, bottles, and more that also have the added benefit of positive therapeutic effects. No more over the counter medications that only target the problem and not the symptoms that provide relief that only last for several hours.  Imagine a perfume that could help fight that 2 p.m. tension headache, one that can give you that much needed boost of energy during that last leg in your workday, or a scent that can soothe and relax you to help you sleep. There is a scent for everyone, for every occasion. Perfect Blue Alchemy is here to give you that naturally, healthfully and with love.



Founder of Perfect Blue Alchemy